When Does Your Child Need An Eye Exam?

The American Optometric Association advises that your child should have their first eye exam by an eye care specialist at age 6-12 months, once between age 3-5, again before first grade, and then every year after!



Dr. Raley participates in the InfantSEE program, founded by the American Optometric Association and Johnson & Johnson Vision in 2005. Bring your 6-12 month old in for a no cost vision and comprehensive eye assessment to ensure your baby’s eyes are developing normally.

AMblyopia (“Lazy Eye”)

Do you wear glasses? Do you or any of Your Child’s family members have an eye turn or “lazy eye"?” If so, your child may be at risk for developing amblyopia. If not diagnosed and treated early, Amblyopia can lead to permanent reduction in vision and depth perception. in Many cases, this condition can be treated with prescription eyeglasses.



Early Detection is key

Internal eye health evaluations are necessary on an annual basis to monitor a child's neurological health. Many eye diseases can manifest before the patient experiences symptoms. The earlier the detection, the better treatment options and outcomes can be expected. Come ensure your child’s eye health is free of any abnormalities.