Our Services

We are your full service one-stop shop for all things eye related! We perform comprehensive eye exams for glasses and contact lenses, administer pediatric care, treat eye emergencies, infections, and eye disease.

Below are some of the conditions and specialties our clinic enjoys managing.


Dry Eye Clinic

excessive eye watering can often be one of the first signs of dry eye. wait….,What?! if this is you, or if you experience a burning, gritty or sandy feeling in the eyes, you might have chronic dry eye syndrome. dry eye manifests when we our body is unable to produce enough tears on our own, or if the texture of our tears are poor quality. Over time, untreated dry eye can cause blurry vision and changes in eyelid anatomy. there are many treatments beyond eye drops to treat this condition. Allow Dr. Raley to determine what will be right for you.

LASIK Surgery

Are you wondering if you are a candidate? We offer complimentary LASIK consultations and understand all of the new, cutting edge technology in this area. to determine your best surgical option and answer all of your questions, schedule your consultation to find out today.




1 in every 2000 people are living with keratoconus. this corneal disorder causes distortion and intense glare on your vision. It can also cause permanent scarring if not treated appropriately by an eye care specialist. In severe cases, corneal-cross-linking or corneal transplant surgeries are necessary. It’s Important to note that Glasses aren’t the only option for this condition. Dr. Raley completed her doctoral thesis in Keratoconus and specializes in fitting custom contact lenses which help reshape the cornea and provide life-changing improvements in vision.